Hubify One

Our complete solution for Business & Enterprise

Introducing Hubify One, the complete solution for managing your IT Team.

The Hub for all your business Telco, IT & Technology needs. We have the right solution for your team & our Hubify experts are proactive & responsive, operating with experience and reliability.


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24/7 Dedicated
Service Desk

Our technicians are equipped to deal promptly with your IT issue.

No matter the time, we can resolve your problem.

Delivery Manager

Our team of SDM's constantly monitor your IT & meet with you regularly to ensure service improvements, expectations & SLA's are being met.

Mobile Device

Deliver security and control across all your business mobile devices.

Deploy devices using MDM & MAM controls for Windows, Android and macOS.

Monthly Reporting

We provide full stack reporting so you can understand what's going on in your IT environment and get back to working on your business.

Strategic Advisory

Whether it's a vCIO to assist in your IT planning or Technical experts to get you across the latest IT trends, Hubify has you covered.

Endpoint Protection/Backup

We deploy a solution with integrated advanced threat protection that ensures a comprehensive backup & recovery for Microsoft 365.

Firewall Management

Hubify have specialist network engineers who provide support for & maintenance of your firewall, including all changes, configuration, adds & moves.


Hubify will provide remote support & management of your endpoint devices. Including your WiFi access Points, Printers, Switches & UPS.

Vulnerability Scan

We utilise the "Essential 8" security framework.

Hubify evaluates your maturity level, outlining how to increase your security posture.

Backup & Manage
Office 365

Tailored access to Microsoft's Office 365.

Your staff will enjoy secure mobility & a hybrid work environment.

IT Procurement

Utilise our purchasing power to access devices, programs & value-added services at our wholesale price.

Domain & DNS Management

Hubify will manage your Domain renewal, as well as monitoring & maintaining changes to your DNS zones.

End-User Support

When your problem requires end-user support, one of our team will be able to problem solve your issue.

Desktop Patch

We manage the rollout of key security updates & patches for your desktop devices. Your computers remain protected.

Desktop Anti-Virus

Protection against virus & malware. We deploy industry leading protection for all of your dektops & servers

Password Management

Hubify store & manage your passwords in an efficient & secure manner to help prevent unauthorized access.

Documentation Management

Receive, track & store documents. Reduce paper & keep all of your documents in one place

End-User Training

Hubify will train your team, enabling you to use any of our products & services.

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